A Tale of Two Totes

Deborah Lindsay Williams
2 min readJul 12, 2019

Both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris put out Pride tote bags. Because they’re the only candidates I really care about (could the B-boys please go home and/or run (re-run) for Senate if they really want to do some good?).

Let’s consider.

“Fearless” is a pretty awesome slogan. Of course, “Persist” isn’t bad either.

The Harris bag has straps long enough to sling over your shoulder, a key element in a satchel, as any urban dweller knows. The Warren bag really is a tote: the straps aren’t long enough to fit over a shoulder. It’s the sort of extra bag a professor might use to lug home student essays, in which case “persist” could also be seen as a kind of professorial mantra. (“Oh I just love marking student papers,” said no professor ever.)

Both bags are made in the US (let’s not forget that some MAGA-wear was produced in China, just as the DJT Presidency was itself produced in Russia. And of course Ivanka’s now-defunct clothing line was also primarily manufactured in China.); both bags made of sturdy canvas; both are practical (if we put aside the fact that none of us really needs another tote) and also idealistic: those rainbows!

Which is better? Kamala’s shoulder straps put her satchel slightly ahead of Warren’s, but I fully expect that Liz has a plan that explains why her carry-all is a better choice.

What I think is that we need a tote with a choice of straps. Let’s combine: Fearless Persistence; two sets of straps, long and short.

Harris/Warren, Warren/Harris. That’s totes all we need.



Deborah Lindsay Williams

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